Friday, June 29, 2012

Here it Goes, Here it Goes, Here it Goes Again

Yeah, I'd say 2012 has been a lot like the OK Go video. Good thing I like treadmills, right?

That's not to stay I've been stagnant, I've just been moving and changing a lot but my scenery isn't really changing. I've been going through the motions - flipping through my ACE texts, getting the personal and group training certifications, trying to be an active fitness blogger - but not really getting ahead. This past week I finally moved into action.

Step One: New serving job. I've hesitated to post this because I needed to make sure I gave my notice before any wandering eyes found their way to my blog. I've really enjoyed working with the people at this most recent establishment, but the overall environment - being a restaurant adjacent with and belonging to a hotel - just was not for me. I needed something new.

A serving job that was a little less:


Definitely NOT:

And wouldn't make me want to:

That third one is always iffy. I mean, the world is full of people. Not all of them are exactly brilliant, and of those less-than-brilliant types, I might have to wait on a few. At least if someone's stupidity makes me cry, I'll try to keep it on the inside :-D

Step Two: Get my A$$ in the gym!

No, not to work out. I finally, for real, not just saying I'll do it but actually DID, get all of my certifications and resume together and presented it to the gym I currently work at teaching spin. There was a minor hiccup today, as I found out I needed to fill out an entire new application, but that wasn't bad because it forced me to update my resume, qualifications, and references. I just hope that this gym allows its trainers to teach group fitness and vice versa. I don't see why they wouldn't except that it might complicate payroll, but I will argue that - in my opinion - members would want to see their instructors in multiples roles at the gym.

Years ago, when I was first just getting back to the gym and doing something about the rounder shape I'd gotten myself into, I noticed a divide straight away. There were the instructors, who just came and went as they had classes scheduled, and the trainers, who pretty much kept to themselves behind the trainer's desk, not interacting with members outside of their appointments. This didn't seem right.

It wasn't for several years after I first got back into shape that I took up an interest in training, mainly because I saw a gap that needed to be bridged. And maybe this is the server in me (the happy server, not the one who sometimes wants to scream), but I think the spirit of hospitality and helpfulness should extend to EVERY industry.

How many times have you walked into the gym and not even been greeted by the person at the front desk? I bet it's happened this week. The gym I work for isn't so bad - the front desk staff is typically attentive and friendly - but I've been in other places where it seemed like most of the staff, trainers, sales team, and front desk alike just didn't want to be there. I get that maybe they're bored or even frustrated because it's slow and they don't have any appointments, but what's stopping them from getting out on the floor, offering to spot someone, or even seeing if they can give some free pointers? What's more likely to get new clients, anyway: sitting around doing nothing, or engaging with members?

I say that I am and always be a server at heart. Maybe that's why I went and got a new restaurant job (I know, again) instead of quitting the industry altogether. And what I've learned in the service industry most certainly extends to the attitude I have toward personal training: it's not just taking an order and then providing the product, it's about guiding the experience. When I take on new clients, I could make every one of them do the same routine and see results, but that's not what they want, either. They need to be a part of the process and I need to make it enjoyable (or less torturous) for them.

Step Three: The Balancing Act.

Both jobs start in about two weeks. I'll train in the mornings and work four dinner shifts Wednesday through Saturday. My husband asked, "When will you sleep?" which I told him I'm not worried about. I'm actually concerned with when I'll eat! I'm going to start stocking up on Luna Bars, Lara Bars and Zone Perfect Perfectly Simple. I should just start sending emails:

Dear So-and-Such Company,
I am a mom/server/trainer/fitness instructor and perpetual student of fitness and life seeking sponsorship in the form of free food so that I might survive from one day to the next. I will eat and review your tasty food products, wear clothes with your company logo, and might even get the image of your best-selling product tattooed on my arm if it means I won't have to go to work on an empty stomach ever again.

Who would you have help sponsor your life?

What's the worst job you ever had? 

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Kelly M said...

Great question! I'm trying to think who would save me the most money...a grocery store? Car dealer? Beer store? Pampers? Hard to pick only one!