Thursday, June 7, 2012

Three Things Thursday -- I AM a Girl (mostly)!

I'm falling a little behind this week in the blogging world (my apologies to all four of my readers), so even though it's now technically Friday, I'm *finally* posting my Thursday bit.

It was a day off from running since my legs felt like lead, so I figured my energy would be best conserved for other important things...

1) a little marathon shopping, perhaps?

Don't worry, dear, we purchased everything in one place. Good Will, to be precise. Sure, it may defeat the purpose when I clear out a few garbage bags full of clothes to donate only to come home with another closet full of items, but this particular location is too awesome to pass up some of the steals. It's brand new, practically around the corner and actually has GOOD, stylish clothes. While many might not believe this, I actually like dresses now (I revolted against them as a child). I just never get the chance to wear them or have the guts to buy one. That's why when I check out Good Will, I need to take advantage of finding cute dresses that are $6.95. Especially when I don't flinch at the price of new running shoes...

2) these:

Mizuno Wave Rider 15

I've tried these out before and loved them. The lower profile, lighter weight, and small heel-to-toe drop definitely encourage that coveted mid-foot strike. It's sturdy sole and responsive ride make it feel like it can hold up to some serious mileage. Proof that this tomboy has some girlish tendancies: I asked if they still had any of the promotional magenta ones left. Sadly, they did not. After one more test run just to be triple-sure it was still the sneaker I wanted despite the color change, I officially put these on "hold" at a local running store until next week, when I'll hopefully be able to pick them up before taking the Little Miss up to Pennsylvania and New York. Not that I'll do a ton of running while on the road, but I'm hoping I can at least get in a couple runs to break them in a little. I'll at least make sure the trusty jogging stroller (new nickname: "Old Yeller" - since it's yellow and surprisingly rugged for a 2nd-hand jogger that's been in use for 2-1/2 years). I may want to give my daughter a tour of my old stompin' ground on foot. I can't wait for her to meet people that have only seen her in the earlier months of her infancy...

3) ... which reminds me of this:

ca. 1 month old
Last some of my friends saw my baby, I was still wearing her. Part of me can't believe how much time has gone by, while the other part of me is still so eager to see how she'll change and grow. I've been feeling more nostalgic in the past few days I realized her 3rd birthday is now just two months away. This is proof that I am still very much a girly sap, despite my rugged exterior (Serious, I just got off of work. It's pretty rugged-looking). All the more reason for me to take this trip: To cram in as much fun and adventure as I can before it's all  homework and poster board collages and sports games.

Ever take a long trip with kid(s) in tow? Any advice for this novice road-tripper?

What's something about you that others might not expect? Besides the fact that I like to wear a dress from time to time, others might be surprised to learn that I read Eat, Pray, Love on purpose, paint my nails every four days, and one morning, while my daughter was out of town and I had no reason to do anything before noon, I watched "Maid in Manhattan" while blogging without changing the channel because I was too lazy to and the movie didn't bother me, terribly.

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