Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I Admit, I'm a Bad Blogger/Tweeter

A few things have been keeping me a little busy, and away from the Blogosphere...

Prepping for our trip, which included mega loads of laundry and meal planning. Yes, meal planning. I have a big cooler that with enough ice packs stays cold for about two days. For me, nothing is worse than having to rely on lord-knows-what chain restaurants or worse, gas station convenience stores, for sustenance on a journey. Don't get me wrong, if it were just me, I'd be fine with beef jerky and Muddy Buddies.
Chex Mix Muddy Buddies Limited Edition, 10.5 oz. bag (Pack of 6)
Nom nom nom

But I have my Mini Me with me, and for her, I want to make sure that we aren't limited to fried chicken bi-product or greasy fries. Not including PB&J sandwiches (which are a must, if you want to get a toddler to do anything, especially sit in a car for ten hours), here's a sample of our spread:

Fruit, fruit squeezes, coffee (duh), Odwalla smoothies (already dug into the Super Green)
carrots, celery, hummus and yogurt.

Of course, we do need to save room for just a little indulgence...

I have also been busy just keeping up with housework, work work, and trying to read even just a page of my ACE text at a time. It's been a challenge, especially with having to vacuum literally every other day. We have animals. Animals get fleas. I don't really wanna talk about it. Sometimes, I feel guilty "only" getting on the bike for 45 minutes, but then I think about the countless loads of laundry I've lugged across our complex and the vacuum cleaner I've had to carry up and down the stairs 100 times in the past week and figure, I've been working out enough!

In fact, I foolishly signed on to the "Plank A Day" campaign on Twitter, and now the "Plank Police" are after me. See, I forgot that I really don't like to Tweet that much. Nothing wrong with tweeting, and I think it's great that we've taken to social media to get everyone involved in talking about fitness, but I sometimes feel like if I tried to keep up with everyone else, I'd spend more time on the computer talking about fitness than actually going out there to move and stay fit! Anyway, I HAVE been planking (and running, and spinning, and lifting, and crunching). The proof is in the pudding, if not in the actual tweeting:

Rawr. Chuck Norris, watch out.

We still have a bit of work to do before I feel ready to hit the road tomorrow. Packing is probably one of my most-loathed activities of all time because I will undoubtedly forget something. Not a big deal, considering I can always stop at a store for something along the way, but it always makes me a bit agitated to spend money on something I know I already have. Case in point, the make up back I thought I lost, so along with the groceries for our trip, I got some replacement makeup items. Last night, the hubby emerges from our linen closet, missing makeup bag in hand. Oh well... at least I have a fabulous new lip stain.

After packing, comes giving the car a once-over to make sure it's highway ready.

Or, ya know, sending the hubby out there to make sure it's highway ready.

For today, it's off to work for a double, which I will hopefully be able to get cut short. If it's slow, I may get a jump on other blog entries for the week, but I'm open to suggestions. My next post will be from the road and I will try to enlist in the help of some friends for a comprehensive picture post of my living room/hotel room workout, as I'm sure that will be something I will rely on heavily to maintain some shape this upcoming week!

How do you prepare for eating on the go? Any go-to healthy snacks you always keep on you to avoid the fast food trap?

Have you been planking? 

And I mean this:
Not this:



hiker mom said...

Good luck in getting it all done. I am going out of town too so I feel your pain. A bit overwhelming. How's your ACE studying going? I just signed up for NASM but haven't gotten my books yet.

ConcreteNCoffee said...

So far it's just review of the anatomy and exercise physiology classes I've taken, but it's good because it's been a while since I studied those things. I just know how much these tests cost, so I want to make sure I pass on the first try. Good luck with your studies, too!