Sunday, June 17, 2012

Road Trip, '12 - Day One

Thursday, June 14th
Atlanta, Georgia to Lynchburg, Virginia: 446 miles, drive time of 7 hours and 29 minutes.

Potty Breaks: 2; "Gummies" Consumed: 5;  Tears: 0; Exercise: Double on Wednesday, so, rest.

For a child who's never been in a car for more than two and a half hours, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little nervous about how the Little Miss would take to an entire day - let alone nearly 3 days - on the road. A toddler AND a running mom who are constantly itching to move trapped in a car together for hours running into the double digits? Maybe not the most brilliant of ideas I've ever had in my life.

But, so far, so good!

Growing up, I loved road trips. Taking the fuel burned out the equation, I loved to just pick a direction and drive aimlessly as far as I wanted for the day. These days, I certainly need a plan and I almost always run on a deadline. So I was looking forward to this trip if for no other reason, than to at least put on the chick rock and feel like I could drive toward the sun without anything pulling me back to the real world. Granted, we have also listened to "Real in Rio" about 27 times so far, but the drive itself has almost been liberating. And my little girl, she's been loving every minute of it.

The drive started *almost* on time, save for a few last-minute details like stocking the cooler, (although I forgot the PB&J, doh!) going to the bank, and getting the first, all-important Starbucks jolt. We cruised up through South Carolina, stopping at about three hours for potty break #1 and a "car picnic" AKA "teaching a toddler to eat a cup of yogurt in the back seat." Lunch was rounded out with some fruit and milk, then we plodded on through North Carolina, where we picked up US29 North for a good combination of highway and country driving. For picnic #2, we found a gas station with trees and actual picnic tables, where we ate carrots, cucumbers and hummus and took pictures of the clouds. The weather was perfect; I could even blow my fans without running the A/C, the air was so pleasant.

Our total estimated drive time did wind up being extended by about 20 minutes as I overshot our first destination, but we still managed to arrive for dinner, which my friend had been so kind as to prepare for us: pork chops and broccoli for all, cous cous for the grown-ups and mac n cheese for the kids. Aside from packing our mostly-healthy cooler, I knew getting decent meals at each stop for this week's trip would be tricky. Fortunately, I have great friends who help me not have to worry about such things. And if it weren't for a certain online group of amazing ladies and the friendships we have developed, I would not have had someone I felt comfortable enough asking to stay over with, let alone someone gracious enough to open her home to us. So here's a Shout Out to my Mamas!

There's nothing else too exciting to post about Day One except that it went surprisingly smoothly, and I am excited to see how well we both hold up for the rest of the journey. Exercise is not too great of a concern at this point, as I feel like I am working hard enough just packing and unpacking the car and the toddler! And honestly, since we have not stopped - and will not - for fast food, I don't feel as bloated and gross as I remember feeling on previous trips. My goal is to get a run in on Saturday, however, at the latest.

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Teamarcia said...

Good for you for planning your meals and forgoing the fast food. Your road trip sounds fun so far!