Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Funday - (mostly) picture post

"There's no such thing as a free lunch," is something I've heard quite often, but truthfully speaking: When you get a day off that you would normally have to work, it does kind of feel like you won a free day.

Today, I got my "free lunch" by not having to work brunch and getting to play with this crazy girl all day instead:

The playground was her "castle", and every time she sees a camera she yells "CHEESE!" so this time,
she yelled "Castle Cheese!"

Later, at another playground, she practiced her sweaty, sand-covered pageant wave.
BONUS, I got to log 9.2 miles in a blistering 72 minutes. Literally, there may have been blistering. I'll spare you that fugly pic and trade it for this one instead:

If my foot were an emoticon, it would be >_<*

There's nothing really *wrong* with the foot, which is to say I have yet to bother getting my suspected plantar fasciitis confirmed with an actual diagnoses from a real, live doctor. Of course today, toward the end of my run I had a fun new pain on the ball of my foot, toward my instep. Please, oh please don't be a bunion trying to form. My feet look bad enough in cute shoes, with my awkwardly large pads spilling over the sides of just about any dainty sandal or wedge.

Famous Women with Ugly Feet (21 pics)
At least I'm not the only person with this problem.

It's not really that bad, this is just the best way for me to apply compression to my arch and ice it at the same time with a lunchbox ice pack that doesn't form to my foot at all. Which has me thinking... are there any ice packs out there (other than the gel kind, which my dogs LOVE to find if I leave them out and try to eat the blue stuff inside) with a more ergonomic design for feet? Off to

Here we go:

Plantar BFST® Wrap
Cold One Plantar Fasciitis Foot Wrap

I need something that I can just put on my foot and still be semi-mobile with. When it comes to choosing to ice with my foot up for 20 minutes and having the opportunity to ice while I still get stuff done (unlike right now), I think this wrap might be the way to go!

Despite this slight setback of discomfort, it has been an awesome day. Besides playing and running hard, we got to go to a nearby neighborhood festival and decided to hit up Fruttela for a froyo fix before we ended our busy day. Totally better than ice cream, even with the cookie crumb toppings, right?

How was your Sunday? There were lots of races today- did you run one?

How do you ruin your healthy frozen yogurt? For me, it's any Oreo-esque topping, cookie dough, or marshmallows.


Brendan Townsend said...

Do you do all of your running in five fingers? I just started running in them and I'm ramping it up slowly. I will probably be investing in some more ice packs, but it feels so much better than any shoe I've ever put on.

misszippy said...

Less shoe = less PF, etc. Are you running in your VFs? Hope it feels better soon.

I'm actually pretty good at the yogurt places. My kids, however, that's another story!

hiker mom said...

I wouldn't bother getting diagnosed by a doctor. All they do is charge you to tell you what you already know. Been there done that. I hope your foot feels better. Raced the NODM half on Sunday and PR'd!

ConcreteNCoffee said...

Congrats, hiker mom!

I don't do all of the running in the Vibrams because the left big toe slot rubs weird and irritates the tip of my toe, so I can only do a few miles at a time, although I love the barefoot feel. Otherwise, it's the Brooks Pure Flow.

Katie Duffy said...

+1 on the no doctor. I've had PF before and the podiatrist basically told me to do what you're doing - ice, sometimes alternated with heat, rub it out with a tennis ball, and he taped it up in a way that you could probably figure out at home. Feel better!