Monday, July 2, 2012

Peachtree Road Race Expo

The 10K is one of those tricky distances that is just on the verge of what I can run full-out. I'd like to say I've done plenty of hot-weather running to get ready for this particular run, but my 6-miler last week was just TOO hot to do anything close to my usual pace. Since this is the only race I've run at this specific distance and it's with 55,000 other people, I'm really not looking for a PR. It's really just about getting to run in such an energetic crowd, suffering in the sweltering humidity together.


Race Day Forcast:

Not too shabby, considering the triple digits we saw this weekend. I don't think we'll have to worry about storms until later in the day, which will suck for fireworks but won't bother me so long as I can run without getting struck by lightning!

The fun and somewhat ironic thing about this race is that it's so huge - it boasts being the largest 10K in the world - that you'll spend far more time at the Health and Fitness Expo than actually running the race itself.

So many runners participate in this event that ALL of the big vendors are there with freebies and great discounts, and you have two full days to get there to pick up your number and check everything out. I usually go to expos with a tight clutch on my wallet, unwilling to spend money on anything except maybe if I can find a booth with a "Five for $5" goo/gel/bar sale. This time, however, I had a feeling I might go ahead and purchase one or two things for myself.

Of the free items, I snagged some "Food Should Taste Good" brand chips, mini Larabars, a single-serving of Cascadian Farms granola, a free water bottle with the purchase of two tubes of Nuun ($10 = 24 drinks = $0.42/drink, which is pretty sweet, I think), and an insulated lunch bag that used to be a water bottle.

Other than the Nuun, I did spend money on just one more thing...

Come to me, my pretties!

Yes, I finally, finally, finally have my Wave Rider 15's!

I have been perpetually putting off the purchase (say that five times fast) until today, when I saw them on a sale table, practically lit from the heavens above, and possibly with a choir of angels hiding underneath the tablecloth beckoning to me. A vendor was selling used shoes - shoes that were worn once by the buyers and then returned because of ill fit or the wrong size. The only way you could tell these shoes had been worn at all was by seeing the evidence of a little dirt or grit from the pavement on the bottoms of the soles. And honestly, I feel awkward in sneakers when they're pristine, just-out-of-the-box white, so their "used" status would not bother me at all.

And they were $50.00.

That's right, $50.00!

I win at being a cheap-a$$ :-D

Which races do you think have the best expos?

Are you running the Peachtree or have you in the past? This is my second, and I hope to become a PTRR streaker.

Have you ever scored a wicked deal on running or fitness apparel? Where?


misszippy said...

Wow--great deal on the shoes! Good luck at Peachtree. I can't even imagine running a race that big.

I do love a good expo--so far Boston and NYC marathons have been the best.

a healthier, fitter ME! said...

Awesome! I'm always jelly of your weather announcements!

Frugal in WV said...

Great deal on the shoes! I love the expos before races, I haven't raced since I had my kids, your making me want to get back to doing again with all your posts :)