Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It's a New Dawn, It's a New Day...

As I start yet another new restaurant job today, I thought I'd share a little mid-week motivation with you.

I wasn't expected to change jobs after merely four months at the previous restaurant, but if I've learned nothing else this year, it has been to not sit idly by and "just deal" with situations that are not beneficial or lucrative to my goals (or bank account). I used to worry about the implications of the ever-growing "previous employment" portion on my resume, but there are some advantages to being nearly 30 and with a child.

The thing about stagnancy is that it's like a sneaky bug that just kind of sits on your shoulder, not doing anything, until you happen to look or a friend flicks it off for you. While it's no mystery that I'm not exactly thrilled to still be waiting tables at 29, I have been far more proactive in this season alone compared to years passed regarding my future. I said if I was going to still wait tables, it would at least be in a location where I could get excited about meals prepared by a talented chef. I said if I was going to still wait tables, I would be more productive in my free time and get my crap together to also start spending more time in the gym.

Even though the first restaurant didn't work out (honestly, I'm not nice or accommodating enough to deal with the insane particular needs of this specific hotel's clientele... or upper management, for that matter), I'll still be working at an establishment I can certainly say I'm proud to work for. At the gym, I'll be picking up another class or two soon, and am waiting for corporate to approve me to start training, which is already a given but still a formal process that they need to go through.

Take that, stagnancy.

Now, how about some Muse? Their songs are so epic, I can't help but to feel fired up and ready to go whenever I hear anything by them. My daughter loves to hum/mumble/sing along to "Uprising." Nothing but the best of rock for my little girl :)

What's your big goal you're working toward right now?

Where are you getting your motivation from this week?


Melissa said...

I love the motivational quote you posted! And congrats for making changes that are clearly allowing you to go in the direction you want to go in. I just want to be healthy and happy so that is what motivates me to train hard and cherish ther relationships I have with my hubby, family, and few close friends. Have a great day! :)

Amanda Perry @ Sistas of Strength said...

Needed this today... :) Thank you!