Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Belated Tuesday Night Spin

I'm posting late because I spent the majority of nap time yesterday getting my training binder organized in preparation for if when I get my first client. The tricky thing about the particular location I signed on for is that it's under construction, so while new clients are a bit fewer and further between than usual, we know things will pick up when renovations are complete in the fall, which is why I want to be in place as a trainer now.

But, since it is also up to me to make sure I get potential clients interested, organize, I must. Fortunately, I already had these nifty cards I got for having Klout, which basically means I finally have more than two readers and at least a handful of Twitter and Facebook followers (Thanks!! And if you don't follow or like me yet -- trust me, I'll worm my way into your heart somehow -- please do!).

I love that I could have my "Happy Feet" picture on the back!
In my opinion, however, having a card is not enough, which is why I have a whole binder of crap logs, information, and a fitness readiness questionnaire. Not to knock trainers I don't even know, but I see plenty of them out on the floor on their phone, and I know they're not just using their stopwatch app to time sets and reps because they're typing away and telling their clients, "OK stop when you get to 10." Nu-uh. I will NOT be that trainer!

Now... where did I put my pocket protector??
The thing is, while initially I said I'd *never* train in a Big Box-type gym, that's where I am, and I am going to make the most of it. The hourly is meh, and the commission is so-so, but it's a foot in the door which is what I need if I really want to start on this path toward making a name for myself as a trainer. Considering I don't have any start-up capital or investors to get my own business off the ground just yet, starting somewhere is a heck of a lot more productive than not starting at all.

What do you see trainers doing that you wish they wouldn't do on the floor? 

What DON'T you see trainers doing that you wish they would?


While I got organized printing off multiple copies of forms and free fitness assessment coupons, I got to thinking about my playlist for spin class... while drinking copious amounts of caffeine, mind you...

Live to Rise Spin 7/17

1. "A Little Bit of Riddim" Micheal Franti feat. Cherine Anderson - warm up, alternate going through all 3 riding positions.
2. "The Golden Age" The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - warm up cont'd, add 1 gear. Start seated then go up to pos. 3 and pick up the pace for each chorus.
3. "Inside Out" Eve 6 - Hill #1, short and easy. Starting at light resistance, add a gear on each chorus and take it up to pos. 3. Leave it on when you sit. Repeat.
4. "Brasileria" Veron & Praia del Sol - Flat road or add a gear or two for a challenge & control. Run #1, short, easy, first 45s. of the song. Music drops out- when it comes back in pick it up to an 80% effort (starting to breath hard, can talk but must pause for breath every 2 words) for 1 min. Slow down, recover 1 min, add a gear and go up to pos. 3 for another 1-minute effort at 80%. The rest of the song is flat recovery.
5. "Live to Rise" Soundgarden - Hill #2, part 1. Starting at light resitance, add a gear on each chorus and take it up to pos. 3. Leave it on when you sit. Repeat.
6. "Diesel Power" Prodigy - Hill #2, part 2.This time, leave your resistance where it's at and sit to grind it out for the rest of this hill. You should be at medium-to-heavy resistance (pedaling in mud, as I like to say). Do 3 pick-ups of just 15s. each during the song, where you try to pedal quicker by ANY amount.
7. "Shut Up and Drive" Rihanna - Flat road (+ a gear for challenge or stability), recover on the beat on the verse, pick it up and double-time it on the chorus.
8. "Ready To Go" Republica - Add 2 gears to start Hill #3 part 1. Same as before - pos 1 on the verse, this time transition to pos. 2 on the bridge if you choose, then add a gear in pos. 3 on the chorus. Hold resistance and repeat.
9. "Dream On" Aerosmith - Hill #3 part 2. You should be starting off in the seat pretty heavy, but not choppy or mashing on the pedals. If this is all the resistance you can manage while pedaling smoothly, hold it here for the duration of the song. Otherwise, add one more gear each minute until you need to stand, then finish out your hill in pos. 3.
10. "Song 2" Blur - Flat road, recover, optional pick-up on the "WooooooHooooo!" part of the song :)
11. "Devil Drums" Scooter - Last-ditch effort sprints: 3X30s. 90% effort with equal recovery. Rest 45s. then 4X15s. max effort with equal recovery to take you through the finish.
12. "Chasing Cars" Snow Patrol - cool down
13. "Be Like That" 3 Doors Down - stretch

I counted this - obviously - as my workout of the day for my #FitStreak. What was your workout today?

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Melissa said...

You're going to be an awesome trainer!...you have such a good philosophy about it. Some trainers I see just fiddle w their phone, talk to each other...others I see trying to help ppl on the floor if they not have clients...I like those ones, lol.