Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Funday: Pictures & Numbers

It's a pictures and numbers kind of post today because I'm lazy and it's Sunday and that's just what I feel like doing :)

10 trail miles run.

89 degrees by the conclusion of the run.

0 rolled ankles! Just dirty, scuffed up legs from me kicking myself while running.

16 oz G2 (I used the powder mix- easier to control the sweetness)
12 oz H2O
12 oz Nuun (tropical fruit flavor is my fav)
2 bowl's of TJ's Veggie & Quinoa Mellange (w/ a dusting of parm, of course)

 And now that I'm refueled and rehydrated...

12 more ounces :)

How much do you drink before, during and after your runs? Today was definitely a max for me, and just for 10 miles! Can't wait for it to cool off.

What have you been up to on your Sunday?


Melissa said...

Lol I kick myself too when I run sometimes. I miss running on trails! I should def drink more before and after my runs. Great job on ur 10 miler! :)

Sarah said...

Nice job on your run! And I especially love that last photo. Wisconsin girls love their beer too! :)

P.S. I'm new & hopped over from Shut Up & Run!

Allison @ Running Through Red Lights said...

I usually suck when it comes to hydrating (which is terrible, I know!). I've been trying to drink at least 64 oz of water every day, and have started using Nuun for post-run rehydration (Grape has been my favorite so far).