Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday Wish List

I am in desperate need of some new apparel. As I'm sure I'm not the only runner/mom/wannabe blogger on a budget out there, the thing I struggle with is the price tag attached to certain items. Still, it doesn't stop me from web window shopping...

The most essential of essential piece of clothing for any woman who engages in cardiovascular activity is, in my opinion, the almighty bra. My all-time favorite bra has been the Moving Comfort Fiona, which I got a couple sizes ago when I returned to running after having my daughter. I'll spare you the picture of WHY I needed this bra, but if you're a woman who has nursed... you know. Well a couple years and a few inches off my bust later, I'm ready for a new favorite bra.

Moving Comfort "Alexis"
I love that this bra still seems to provide outstanding support for high-impact sports without the thick, heavy straps. As I have learned through my many sizes and the bras that went with them, it's the support around the bust that makes for a great bra, not just the straps.

A current runner-up that is in heavy use (as in, must soon be replaced because Tide + Fabreze can only do so much) is my Under Armor Duplicity. While the product specs say it's for light-to-moderate impact activities, the compression style makes it great for running. Despite my smaller size, I really don't like a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g. to move when I'm running. Under Armour's got me covered, there!

Women's UA Duplicity® (A/B Cup) Sports Bra
I know that bras can wear out over time and multiple washings, it's just so hard to drop money on something I know I need when there's a certain little person who needs to be fed and clothed. I'm still at the place where if my choices boil down to a new bra or a cute outfit for the Little Miss, I'll deal with chaffage and irremovable stench for the sake of making my daughter's fashion.

More stylin' than mom will ever be, that's for sure!

I'm on the hunt for promo codes and good deals. So far, I've come up with these:

Champion is having a sports bra sale and giving 20% off new items until 5/21.

Skinny Runner has a great promo code for Road Runner Sports for either 10% off all sports bras, or 20% if you're a "VIP" member (which I'm not, but I might get on that).

Sierra Trading Post has ridiculously low prices on great brands like Moving Comfort and New Balance. Use promo code ALFUN2 at the checkout for an additional 20% off!

(someone might go shopping... like right now)

Girls, what's your favorite bra brand? Moving Comfort gets the clear win, but I do have a couple great Champion bras, too.

Boys, do you have an equally essential piece of apparel? I imagine sweat-wicking material would be a must for certain areas...

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Amanda N. said...

Thank you for sharing these promos! I'm so in need of new sports bras right now. Champion makes an excellent one that I LOVE for the comfort, and unfortunately, I only know which one it is by examining the seam/stretch pattern (d'oh). The straps are thick, but that's not where the bulk of the support comes from, so you don't feel any pressure. Heavenly!