Monday, May 14, 2012

A Monday Mother's Day

Today has been a much-needed break from, well, everything.

Since yesterday was Mother's Day, I first want to send my well wishes and love to all the mothers out there for being awesome.

Second, I have to say I hope to all that is holy you didn't go out to eat for brunch yesterday as your one and only opportunity of the year to either treat your mother or be treated by the rest of your family.

If you did go out, I hope to all that is holy that you did not place huge and unrealistic expectations on it being the best, most absolutely perfect dining experience - or day, for that matter - ever. Because hello, if you're a mom, you know there is no such thing!

I have no problem working on Mother's Day. I love seeing happy families and serving them delicious food. Every now and then you get that one rotten egg who just can't be satisfied no matter what you do, but for the most part, I like to go into the day with a positive attitude because I know how I'm feeling shows. If you work in any other field of customer service, you know this is true, too.

I think of it like this: In public speaking, I was taught that to deliver an eloquent and effective speech, I need to speak slower than what I feel is slow. So, really slow. Compared to the way I ramble on, anyway. My teacher said it will feel unnatural and exaggerated, but to the listener, it will make me sound knowledgeable and precise. If I take the same approach with my facial expression and attitude with my guests as I do with my speech - smile a bit wider, stand up a bit straighter, and be confident almost to the point of being blunt ("I don't think you should make any changes to that dish. The Chef knows what he's doing.") - I will be able to take command of any guest interaction.

So then, my only trouble comes with that one table that has held this particular day up to some false ideal. Since I know I can't really do anything for them, I can at least be happy knowing I've done my best to take care of everyone else. I can also take comfort in the fact that I am easier to please and, in my mind, the ideal mom to have to wait on on my special day.

For one, I'll take a clean kitchen, folded laundry, and a well-rested toddler over sappy cards any day.
Roses are red, violets are blue. I couldn't think of anything to say so I paid someone else to. [source]
Also, if I can't do what I want because of work, then I'll be happy with a rain-check for the next nice evening to go run or bike to my heart's content.

Good weather is all I need.

Did you get to do what you wanted for your mom or yourself for Mother's Day?

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