Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Blurbs

After spending an inordinate amount of time online window shopping on Wednesday, I actually went back to Sierra Trading Post and got myself the Moving Comfort Alexis I had been eyeing. If you missed my post, go back and check it out for current deals and sales. My purchase came to about $15, which is less than I've spent at Target on sports apparel! I might even go back and buy another bra or two so I can finally get rid of the old ones I've held onto in my undergarment drawer as my "just in case," back-up bras when everything else is in the laundry. I do not replace my bras often enough, so they have the support, elasticity, and for some, the feel of a burlap sack.

Does your workout drawer need a cleanout? Mine sure does!

These potato sacks can no longer hold my potatoes.
It's a lazy day around here. The Little Miss is on vacation again in South Carolina and I am sitting here with that weird feeling of I should be doing something. But really, without having to think about getting in a run before nap time or squeezing in a workout before the gym daycare closes, my morning is wide open. I am pretty sure I'll enjoy this for another two days and then go into toddler withdrawal. But until that point, I'm taking my cue from my furry "babies" and taking it easy for a moment.

What would you do with a responsibility-free day?


In the news, an unregistered runner is suing the organizers of a Mud Run for an injury sustained in a shallow mud pit that resulted in paralysis from his chest down. I hate to say this, but I'm on the fence about whether I sympathize with the participant or the event organizers.

The runner was not registered and had not signed a waver. He ran using a friend's bib (she had signed a waiver for herself), which he claims was permitted by race officials. They say this is not true, which leads me to think that if this runner should not have participated in his friend's place, he alone is responsible for the injuries he sustained. It's just unfortunate that the injuries were as severe as paralysis and not something more benign like a twisted shoulder or sprained ankle. He claims the obstacle was created carelessly, yet none of the other nearly 1,300 finishers were hurt.

The race organizers can not ignore that this injury did in fact happen on their watch, however. Waiver or no waver, if one person gets hurt they must consider that others could have been just as severely injured as well. While I think a lawsuit of $30 million plus legal fees is a bit excessive coming from a man who admits he was not a registered participant, I think the organizers owe it to him to at least acknowledge that they need to rethink how the obstacles are constructed.

What do you think? Is anyone clearly right or wrong in this case? It's still hard for me to say. I'm interested in what others might think.

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Teamarcia said...

I was thinking the same about my workout gear just this morning. Time to thin the herd.
Tough call on the mud race and how unfortunate. I guess I'd side with the race director. That runner didnt rightfully belong there.