Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday Night Spin - We Will Rock You

Mixing it up this week with some new tunes... and by new I mean oldies but goodies. I took time off from mileage this weekend but now I'm feeling a little bloated and sluggish with a stuffy nose to boot. Since I don't want to wind up knocked on my ass in bed for 14 hours from lack of sleep or medication (like a certain significant other I know) I think I nice adrenaline-pumping spin class is in order. It could just be placebo affect, but I really do believe there is a window of opportunity when it comes to how you treat an oncoming ailment.

As I am not one to just drug myself up and lay on the sofa all day watching Cooking Channel or Bravo (as tempting as that may be some days), I feel like if I can break a sweat and get in a solid workout before the full onset of symptoms, that the duration severity of my cold will both decrease compared to doing nothing. A major factor in that is that I start paying attention to things like vitamins and hydration much more from the first nose blow or tickle in my throat.

So I'm off to kick the crap out of this threatening cold before it has a chance to fully set in. Don't get comfortable, boogers. I'm goin' all Trogdor on your ass. Er, ya know, the spinning equivalent.

5/8/2012 - "We Will Rock You" Spin

  1. "The Bomb" Sunrider - warm up, flat road, go through all 3 positions and add a gear half-way through. This is a longer warm-up song so we're going to get right down to business after this.
  2. "Brasiliera" Veron & Praia Del Sol - add another gear. #1: first minute, 70%, minute break at 60% (warm-up pace). #2: 75% for one minute, then another minute break. #3: 80% effort in position 3. Sit down and dial the pace back to 60% to recover.
  3. "The Golden Age" The Asteroid Galaxy Tour - add another gear. Take it up to position 2 to jog for the verse. On the chorus transition to position 3 then back to hover over the saddle.
  4. "The Distance" Cake - finishing out our first hill. Start seated in position 1. On each chorus go to position 3 and add another gear, leaving it on each time you sit.
  5. "Sunday Morning" No Doubt - back to your flat road/light resistance. Pick up the pace for a flat and fast run, maintaining 70-75% effort.
  6. "Breath" Prodigy - add a gear back in. For two sets we will gradually increase resistance a hair at a time while maintaining the same pace. Once you feel like you can't add any more or you will slow down, that is where you will hold your pace and resistance for a full minute. Dial it back to recover for a minute, then repeat.
  7.  "We Will Rock You" Queen - start of our second hill. Standing attacks in position 3 with an added gear every time you hear "We will, we will rock you!" Leave it on when you sit.
  8. "We Are the Champions" Queen - leaving resistance where it is, sit and climb it out for 1:30, not dropping below 60rpm (take a gear off if you can't maintain that pace). For the last 1:30 take it back up to position 3 (another gear optional).
  9. "Jackass" Green Day - back to flat road/light resistance: flush it out and let the heart rate come down.
  10. "Shake it Out" Florence and the Machine - Back up to heavy resistance one last time and take it up to position 3. For each chorus take off 2 gears and sit, trying to pick up the pace. Put it back on when you stand.
  11. "Sandstorm" Darude - First minute is a full recovery before last two runs. If your bikes have monitors that show you your power output (usually measured in watts), you are going to try to max that number out any way you can. You have two runs so do something different for each run and see which one increases your power output more. No monitor? No problem. Use your HR as your gauge or your perceived exertion. We're pushing it up to 90% but again, that's not necessarily flying away on a seated flat. Challenge yourself with more resistance or a different riding position!
  12. "Wheels" Foo Fighters - cool down
  13. "Be Like That" 3 Doors Down - stretch

 (this one's definitely going on my next "rock of the ages" mix!)

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