Saturday, May 5, 2012

Running against the [time]clock

Nothing sucks worse than missing an opportunity to work out during one's regularly scheduled time. I will be the first to admit that I turn into quite the unfavorable beeyotch character when I miss the chance to run, or must forgo a workout for my pesky work schedule or other commitment. But with city living, I am continually looking for and finding new ways to incorporate fitness into all aspects of my life. With sidewalks all around and mere miles between my front door and any number of my usual destinations, it's only a matter of removing excuses in order to try to get out more.

So in an effort to squeeze in some exercise time that I would have otherwise missed, I had my husband drop me off at work yesterday so that I could run home afterwards. The original plan was to run to AND from work, but I decided to spare my potential guests the displeasure of having to smell me as I try to wait on them. Once I get my hands on this fancy Shower Pill I keep reading about, I will certainly run and bike to work far more often. But for today, I saved my run until after getting my  butt kicked. And I have to say that despite the fact that during my lunch shift I blinked and suddenly had nine tables, having my run to look forward to helped me plow through the craziness to survive the shift. Mild exhaustion aside, the run wound up being quite nice. Plus, I felt one hundred pounds lighter being able to run without all of my serving garb on.

Yield to running servers.

I took the "scenic" route, which is to say I avoided the main thoroughfare and all of its smog, honking, and texting drivers. The run was a net downhill, with some good climbs to balance out the hammering on my quads. I listened to songs by Cake that I usually skip in favor of faster, louder music and instead just ran to the rhythm of whatever songs came on without caring about my pace. A run that I expected to wipe me out actually energized me and have me a second (or maybe fourth) wind.

So I'm just sharing this little blurb today to emphasize that while sometimes those daunting workouts that you have planned out for yourself become very tempting to skip, you'll be surprised at just how good you can feel by sticking to them. After all, the relief of not exerting yourself hardly ever makes up for the guilt you might feel at the end of the day when you ask yourself, "Did I do everything I set out to do today? Did I really give it my all?"

What's the most creative way you've worked fitness into your routine?
One day, when Little Miss was too snotty for the gym daycare and the hubby was stuck at work late, I let her lounge on the couch with Angry Birds while I took my weights and did sets of stair climbs, squat thrusts, upper body exercises and core work.

How do you get yourself out there on the days when you just want to throw in the towel and go home?I prioritize by trying to figure our what would have to be sacrificed in order for me to get out for a run or make it to the gym. It's a lot easier once I've decided the laundry or the dishes can wait!

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