Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tuesday Night Spin - Sweaty Spin #1 + Tips for hydration

For some of you, it might be too soon to be talking heat, sweat, and hydration, but I had to turn the A/C on yesterday. On April 2nd. This seems a little crazy to me, even for Atlanta. What's even more insane is our complex will be opening its pool in 3 weeks! I personally can't wait, because even just cleaning out my car yesterday (yes! I can check that off my to-do list!) had me sweating bullets. I was looking forward to having spin class indoors.

Of course, working out inside should not necessarily mean a break from working hard and breaking a sweat. If nothing else, I tend to push it a little more to make sure I still drip as much as I would had I run outdoors. The great thing about finding a workout that works for you on the days when you have to retreat indoors is that you'll never be bored. For me, I embrace running with all of my senses while outside, but when I take my workout indoors, I focus only on what I am doing and nothing else.

Except when the obnoxious dude with the ripped tank top and steroid veins grunts and yells from across the gym as he tries to do JUST ONE MORE REP, MAN!!! That is a slight distraction.

I designed last night's playlist as a bit of a joke, like, "Haha, you thought you were gonna escape the heat but guess whaaaaat?" but due to Spring Break I only had a handful of people to torture teach. So I'm going to find a few more hot-weather inspired tunes to add to my next sweaty spin mix when a few more people turn out.

Sweaty Spin #1:

"Good Feeling" Flo Rida - Quick-paced warm up, alternate leading with each leg for a minute each side. After both legs pedal equally with both legs and pick it up just a little more.

"Bridge Burning" Foo Fighters - We're launching right into runs. Add a gear and pick get up the pace to a 75% effort/ HRMax. Surge up to 85% on the chorus.

"My Body" Young the Giant
- First climb, add another gear to start at light resistance. On the chorus stand and maintain your same pace in pos3 (your legs naturally want to slow down when you stand up and have more weight over them, so the challenge is to keep going the same speed). Each time you stand, add another gear and leave it on when you sit.

"Kryptonite" 3 Doors Down - Take 2-3 gears back off (light resistance) and get ready for standing runs. On the verse sit and pedal at a recovery pace (60% effort/ HRMax). On the chorus take it up to pos3 and pick up the pace.

"Feeling Good" Muse - Seated climb. Add several gears back on - you should feel like you're pedaling in sand or mud. Focus on pushing and pulling equally on the pedals as we add a gear every 45s. Keep your pedal strokes smooth and, if you have a monitor, make sure you don't drop below 60 rpm. Without a monitor, just pay attention to pedaling smoothly, no pedal mashing.

"Jump" Flo Rida - Light resistance; 8-count until the 1st chorus, 4-count through the chorus, 2-count through second verse. Back up to 8-count 2X, 4-count 4X, then 2-count to the end.

"Party Rock Anthem" LMFAO - One minute easy - grab water and recover. Then we launch into 3 sets of runs: #1 - seated, flat road, 80%, from 1:00-1:45. #2 - seated, add a gear and go the SAME pace as you did for the 1st run (will feel harder!) 2:15-3:00. #3 - pos3, add a gear and again, try to go the same pace 3:30-4:15.

"Right Here Right Now" Fatboy Slim - Not a U2 cover (which is what I thought it might be, initially.) It's time for a "tantric" climb - taking your attention off of anything else and just focusing on holding a pace. Add several gears - get back "in the mud", so to speak - and sit and climb it out. Push a pace that feels challenging, not impossible, and try to hold it even as your legs start to ache. This is Part I of a monster 2-part climb.

"We Are Young" Fun (feat. Janelle Monae) - Keep the resistance on and stand up to pos2. On the chorus take it out to pos3 and any amount that you can, try to pick up the pace on your hill. Take it back to pos2 to recover and give the low back a break on the verse.

"Dog Days Are Over" Florence and the Machine - We'll work our way back down, gradually decreasing resistance as we go. Take a gear or two off and remain in pos3. As the music picks up, sit down and try to increase your pace. Stand back up to recover, take another gear off, and repeat, getting a little faster with each chorus. Get back to a flat road with 30s-1min to go to slow it down and recover.

"Devil Drums" Scooter - Finally, our sprint to the finish! Because your momentum will make that wheel move faster than your feet will, you MUST make sure you have a touch of resistance under your legs! I suggest adding a gear or two from your flat road for safety and control. This song gets going VERY quickly so get ready for your first 30s. sprint at :15. Do 3X30s sprints at 90% with 30s. recoveries. After 3rd, recover until 4:00. Then it's 4X15s sprints at your max effort with 15s recoveries. Leave it all on the bike!

"Sound of Sunshine" Michael Franti & "The Cave" Mumford and Sons - Cool down and stretching.

Don't forget to keep up that water intake! If you wait until you've already started to sweat, you won't be feeling too great by the end of your run, ride, or class.

When looking for a snack, avoid typical summer snacks like chips and ice cream (this is coming from me, the trainer, not me the Dairy Queen). Instead, look for foods with a high water content like watermelon, grapes, or carrots. For a tastier option than plain water, freeze real fruit juice into ice cubes to add to your glass of water. If carbonation doesn't bother you, add your fruit cubes to a glass of club soda for a yummy spritzer.

Some of the best juice out there.

I always dilute my juice because it tastes too thick for me otherwise, and it's a good way to get the flavor and nutrition from certain fruits without all the sugar. To be clear, I'm not on the anti-sugar bandwagon; I just prefer my sugar to come straight from its natural source. I like to add sugar to my coffee because I can see exactly how much I'm putting in there, verses drinking a sweet tea in a restaurant which has who knows how many tablespoons of sugar per glass.

What's your favorite hot weather relief? Will you be swimming on April 28th where you are?

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