Friday, April 27, 2012

stop being a jerk and go for a run

Last night the hubs and I were awoken by some assholes who decided it'd be fun to drive up and down the main road of our development with a gulf club doing a number to some cars. Mine was not harmed, but several neighbor's were and for them I am pissed.

Before relatives read this and get worried, keep in mind these antics happen even in ritzy, shiny Peachtree City and just about every city and town I've lived in. And let it be known that should those ehm-effers return, I am not going to apologize for what will happen when I come sprinting out of the dark with a sword in hand :-D

Don't mess with this big B.

Aside from the disturbing evidence that evolution is both a blessing and a curse (how else could these idiots still be alive instead of bludgeoned to death by their pack leader, as what I suspect might happen in the wild), I'm mostly angered by the blatant lack of regard for all the hard-working people in our neighborhood.

We are not rich. We are not living in a two-bedroom town home as a guise so people won't catch on to the millions in our bank accounts. We work HARD for our rent, for our vehicles, and for each meal. *Most* of us who live here are responsible (there are a few who drink from 5PM Friday through 10PM Sunday night, but hey, there are a lot of colleges in Atlanta), and even those of us who aren't wouldn't dream of destroying our neighbors' belongings.

Honestly, I would have been LESS pissed if someone were breaking into cars to steal shit. Then, they'd at least have been driven by a motive, regardless if it were mere greed or desperate poverty.

I wish I could take our vandals on a run - a run where they would have to keep up or I'd beat THEM with a golf club. I have a theory that if everyone ran, from the brightest of space brain surgeons to the most dim-witted, spit-ball throwing delinquents, would become a better person. That, and surely most people who are wiped out from a tough run or workout don't have the energy to bust up the hoods of random cars afterwards.

*insert ornery old person grumble*

Would you straighten anyone out with a good run? 

How has running or fitness kept you out of trouble?
There have been many days that if it weren't for a solid run or workout, I might have alienated myself from my loved ones or punched someone in line at Target for reconsidering half their purchases while AT the checkout. (True story -- not the punching, but the person with the sudden buyer's remorse before actually buying anything. Fortunately, I had just finished a spin class so this person was safe.)


Summer said...

We deal with the same baloney in Center Square. It's generally considered an affluent neighborhood, but that alone will make us a target. People deliberately travel to our hood to try to break into cars, mug pedestrians, and so-on...because they think we have something worth taking. In our case, we just happened to score an affordable apartment in a nice part of town- that certainly does not make us rich-- far from it! It seems that this is a risk when someone like ourselves choose to live in a city. Even though your neighborhood may be great, you're still in close proximity to more unsavory types who would like to knock you down a peg.

Summer said...

I also just realized that I totally did not answer your question. Haha. Just putting in my two cents. :)

I haven't been placed in a situation yet, but I'm hoping that my new (remedial) kickboxing training will help me kick some ass. Or maybe run away faster.

Scott A. said...

First of all, now I want to take college classes to work towards being a space brain surgeon hah. Secondly, I'm shocked there aren't more retail/grocery shopping related murders. Finally, if I'm having miserable day, instead of just sitting on the couch and letting the misery fester, if I force myself up for a run even just a short one, I feel some much better for the rest of the day.