Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Things I do while not spinning or running.

Every now and then, it's important not to run, bike, or lift. It's my personal belief that even when you have one primary sport that you focus on, it's variety that establishes and solidifies a life-long habit of keeping healthy and active. So yesterday I hung up my running shoes - OK, I actually just wore them to hike in - grabbed the Hubs, and made him drive us to Jones Gap State Park in South Carolina. During the parts of the trail that weren't too treacherous for me to take some pictures (because I'm clumsy, and my husband had visions of me losing my camera/phone to, like, gravity), I managed to capture some pretty scenery:

The Hubs and I headed out, er, up for a little 3-hour hike.
We were on the Hospital Rock Trail at Jones Gap State Park. Fortunately, no hospitals were involved in our hike.
We only did about 6 of the 9-mile hike. I imagine if we'd gone the whole way,
we would have wound up somewhere up there.
The view from a bit closer to the top than we were to the bottom.
A daisy growing out of the compact, rocky soil. Where nothing else seems like it could thrive,
there's this flower just soaking up the sun.
Been anywhere cool lately?

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