Friday, March 9, 2012

"And I would RUN 1-0-0 miles..."

Lauren over at turned me on to this fun little thing right here:

If you meet and surpass certain mileage goals, you can win some yummy Gu stuff. If all participants run 100,000 miles collectively, we ALL win a Gu gift pack.

I like free, don't get me wrong, and Gu is one brand of energy gels I can actually choke down mid-race (I have found that there are very few brands and fewer flavors I can stomach), but truth be told I'm not doing it for the prize. My personal goal is to run 100 miles in the next 31 days which, if I reach my goal, will win me eight PB-flavored Gu's. Personally, I'd rather get eight of their Roctane gels but I have to run 150 miles for that and I don't want to be overly-ambitious. Not discounting the possibility, but don't want to go crazy, either.

So 100 miles it is - that's 3.23 miles per day starting today. That's a cakewalk if I run every day, which may become sort of a side goal. I have never run every day... like, ever. Realistically, if I don't run every day, I have to run at least 5 miles each time I run. That is something I know I can do.

I've never actually been much of a mileage tracker so this will be another new thing for me. It has always been awe-inspiring for me to read others' week-to-date and year-to-date running stats but never having been one to track the numbers, I've always assumed that I'd "never run that much."

Maybe I CAN run that much. Maybe I already do? Not that I would encourage all runners to compare themselves to others, but I know that if I can run 100 miles in one month while chasing a toddler and waiting tables, I know I can get others to find time to make and achieve their own fitness goals, too.

Besides which, I know people who've run 100 miles in a DAY. I have 31. Cakewalk.

What are you running for this month?

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