Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy Monday!

Today starts day one of a full week with my hubby. We were going to rent a cabin in the mountains and do the whole removing-ourselves-from-all-technology thing, but then we paid out the rear had to make a deposit to sign our daughter up for preschool and decided to stay at his parents' house for a few days instead.

I'm not complaining, though. We have plans to get in some solid workouts together, maybe do some work to our rental property to get it ready to put back on the market in a month, and of course, there's the one thing that I try not to take for granted while I'm here...


I tend to go in 2-3 week cycles of sleeping just enough but not nearly as much as I ought to, then if I hit a couple days when I have the freedom of not going by the clock for anything, my body just instinctively reboots. Last night, my body knew exactly what it needed and I listened.

Starting Saturday night, I was craving salad, which I had both Saturday during our night out and last night. I also craved soup, so I had tomato soup at lunch and chicken vegetable soup at dinner. I drank water and chamomile tea. I didn't have a sip of beer or wine before bed (well, that last one wasn't really by choice, but I knew I wasn't in the mood for a beverage, either). I slept for eight, nearly uninterrupted hours.

My sleep-interrupter.
 Today the Hubs and I intend on doing a solid weights + cardio circuit workout and tomorrow, weather permitting, either get out for a run, hike, or combination of the two. I've spent a lot of time on the bike this week as I've been tentative about being on my feet any more than I need to be (which, in the restaurant industry, is difficult to avoid) so I'm looking forward to hitting the road or trail again tomorrow.

So, sorry to brag and rub my days off in your face, but hopefully all of you are finding time this week to both get out there and to put your feet up.

What workout are you looking forward to? When is your usual time off and what do you do for yourself?

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