Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Take-away Wednesday

I learned a quick lesson this week:

Shut my mouth and step away from the keyboard before I start bitching. It's too easy to just open the laptop and vent away from behind the cloud of pseudo-anonymity that is the internet. Not to say that releasing stress and anxiety is something we shouldn't do, but I know my emotions weren't constructive.

If I had waited until AFTER spin class to post about it, I would have happily reported that I had nearly 20 people in my class. That they were working HARD and I knew I had to put my real spin legs to keep up. That all my batteries for the mic were dead and I still managed to rally the troops, drill after drill.

I felt silly after I left class last night. That's not to say that my complaints weren't warranted, but sometimes I think I just need to sit back and allow the mood to pass without over-thinking everything- or needing to put everything into text for me to sit and read (and re-read), getting more and more agitated as I go over all the things in my head that are bugging me at any given moment.

The Halloween mix I'd been pondering did not get made yesterday, but I figure next week wouldn't be too late for a themed class being the day after Halloween. Besides, I'm sure some of the parents in my class would have already broken into their kids' stashes. I would. I'm a sucker for Twix and Milky Way. That's why I'm taking my girl to a kid-geared party in the park instead of trick-or-treating.

Anyway, two of the then-major, now-minor annoyances that have gotten under my skin have been resolved this week: The run I missed was made up for on Monday, and the class I had been dreading turned out to be rockin'. That just leaves one thing... the pot of chicken curry I made last night that got left out on the stove and now must be thrown away. No worries, I don't feel the need to vent about that now.

QOTD: How do you cope when you start to feel like you're getting all worked up for nothing?

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Summer said...

Usually by doing exactly what you've cautioned against: getting all worked up and doing something regrettable-- like yelling at the hubby or saying something snippy to a coworker which will do nothing but make me feel like an a-hole later.

Today I had a moment at work where I almost blew my gasket, but opted to take some deep breaths while reading It worked.