Monday, October 3, 2011

2-for-1: Sunday Funday / Monday Morning Muse

We've been working on "Thomas Puzzle" for a while - she can now assemble most of this 24-piece puzzle by herself!

I often run on S-bucks, but will ultimately seek caffeination anywhere I have a coupon for. Today, that was Einstein's. I had to force myself to endure their Autumn Roast and pumpkin bagel w/ pumpkin cream cheese. Oh darn!

After a coffee-fueled 6.5 miles came even more indulgence in the form of a charcuterie plate (as well as pumpkin ravioli and Georgia Mtn Trout). We went to the fantastic Local Three here in Atlanta. I want to eat here for the rest of my life work here.

Crayons and disposable menus, filed under: How to Keep a Toddler Happy In a Restaurant. To my absolutely astonishment, she actually drew the heart on the right. For real. My TWO-year-old did that!

 Not a shabby day at all, if I might say so myself.

Whatever tears at us, whatever holds us down... and if nothing can been done we'll make the best of what's around.

Great song to have come on in the earlier part of this morning's 7-miler. Nothing like some old DMB to put a little pep in my step. Say what you want about white kids in their beanies with their acoustic guitars in the middle of the park, no one will ever ruin this band for me.


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