Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday Muse: Halloween Edition


Got out for a wonderful 10-miler yesterday, despite being naughty the night before after work, (I challenge you to work 12 hours in a restaurant and NOT imbibe promptly after your shift is over.) being naughtier the following morning at a friend's brunch, (Who says "No" to a mimosa or a Belgian waffle the size of your face? That's just rude.) and still being stuffy from last week's cold.

What did suck a little bit is that it felt like it took half the run to settle into a groove. Between trying to keep the boogers at bay with my sleeve, shaking out the stiffness and soreness in my feet from the previous days' labor, and trying to ignore the fact that my tape job for my plantar fasciitis was already coming loose, it was challenging to say the least to get my head into the run. Once again, my iPod, set to random, comes to the rescue. I know a lot of people out there are purists about the sport, and I'm sure I'd still be inclined to run without music blowing out my eardrums, but I probably wouldn't be nearly as quick (that's a relative term) as I am now.

If I could ever meet anyone of the musicians who frequent my playlist, I'd thank them for making me the runner I am.

Especially these guys:

One of the best songs to come on at the end of a solid run, making you kick it in.

Seven days 'til I get to see them up close and personal from the nosebleeds. Whatever, it's my first Foo concert and I am BEYOND excited. My last big concert was Green Day's "American Idiot" tour and before that... I don't know, Aerosmith's "Nine Lives" tour, maybe? Let's just say this rockin' Mama doesn't get her rock on as much as she'd like to anymore, and now lives vicariously through the musicians she listens to. Not saying I'd leave my husband for Dave Grohl (he's totally married with adorable kids, anyway) but I will scream like a school girl next Monday night.

And on Halloween, what other group do you think I'd honor than the band that dresses up the most for their videos? "Walk," "Everlong," "Big Me," "Learn to Fly," .... these guys sure love their drag, and I love them.

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Summer said...

Hey, don't forget Tori at SPAC in 2006! Ok, not an explosive show, but great nevertheless...