Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Antifunday


I don't think I'm going to Vegas.

I just can't raise the money in time, and I feel like crap for it. I fail at fundraising. Both companies I work for can't/don't/won't support fundraising endeavors because they're corporate. I'd love to host something like a cycle-a-thon but the gym won't have it. It's against the rules to sell anything in the restaurant, and I can tell guests about the race if they ask, but could get fired if I imply I'm seeking donations.

But I'm still over $2000 short and there's just no way I'll raise the money in time for the November 16th deadline.

I feel defeated, and I feel like shit. I don't even want to run the other race I'm training for, because it means nothing compared to the one I was trying to do.

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Summer said...

I can't pretend to know how you feel, because there's no way I'm that awesome. All I can say is chin up, and try again next year. Perhaps you can take the time to write to people to solicit for larger donations. Just a little extra time is all you need.