Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Morning Muse

Alright, I've hung my head and felt sorry for myself for a good 24 hours. A number of factors played a roll in yesterdays' meltdown blog entry:

The fundraising issue for one. I officially hang up my hat to try again next year on 10/30, provided I don't get some sort of miracle donation. I'll keep pushing people for this last week (the money does still go toward research to find a cure for Crohn's and colitis) and maybe try to find a few celebrities to email, but I'm pretty sure I'll have to just swallow my pride and deal with the fact that I can't do this particular race.

Work. I work with great people in the restaurant, but when it comes to the higher ups there's just no support. I understand they have all of Mr. T's stuff to deal with and Captain Planet board meetings and important decisions to make like whether we use black or white linen (apparently this is a big deal- and a good story for the T.I.P.S. section), but when it comes to the lowly restaurant staff needing something, we feel kind of snubbed. I guess the trade-off is that while they come downstairs to show off their stripes and having big shot business people out to lunch, their phones and emails are blowing up 24/7, whereas when I'm done with my shift, I'm done with my shift. Still, it's frustrating to be looked down upon, and downright insulting that they won't give any of our charities the time of day.

The run. I'm sure some of my other running mamas can identify with that crushing feeling of defeat when you get yourself psyched up for a good run only to have plans change. In my case, I knew I needed to give the day to the hubs because he wanted/needed time to work on his car. I figured I could nail down someone who'd watch the little bit but my babysitters were unavailable and the neighbors whose girl I watch once a week were helping someone move. So I had one of those, Where is everyone when I need them??? moments.

But I had to get out there. I had to stop moping and make something of my day so I did what I like to call an OCD-housecleaning - complete with shining faucets and Pledging tables and bookshelves - and did manage to make it out with the daughter for 5.5 miles through twisty, hilly Freedom and Candler Parks. It was murder on the ankles and arms though, tilting the stroller back every 50 yards to take sharp corners while trying to maintain balance and keep the wheels of the jogger on the path. Definitely need a new place to run when I have the daughter with me. This particular path starts 20 minutes from where I live, by car, but I think the drive would be worth it.

Today, though, it will be me and the 'mill. A few of the mama bloggers have been debating the topic recently, but my sentiment about the treadmill has always been the same: You do what you gotta do to do the run. Especially when you have to knock out some serious mileage. As much as I'd love to push a stroller for an hour and a half, I think my daughter would get bored to tears, so really, when I run on the TM I'm doing it for her.

For me, getting through a long run requires just one thing: good music. I like music that makes me feel like I'm in an action movie, being chased through an urban jungle, doing some crafty parkour shit.

One of my favorite songs to run to:

Don't actually know what movie they used this song in. Doesn't look very action-packed at all, actually, but there are lots of dramatic looks exchanged so I'm sure something dark and scary is going on.

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