Monday, November 3, 2008

garnering a new audience

"You know you're a runner if..."

If you're a runner, your answer to this ranges from your multiple uses for moleskin to number of toenails you've had to say sayonara to.

I've shared my running adventures and mishaps elsewhere, with friends mostly; non-running friends. Friends to whom I probably seem unusually addicted to this running thing and therefor somewhat insane. Run? For an undetermined length of time? In circles, on a treadmill, or on the same streets over, and over, and over? You go ahead and have fun with that.

In an attempt to feel like I'm not talking to brick walls and blank stares, I figured I'd bringing my running stories and mishaps here. I'm also a server and going to school for personal training, which promises the occasional non-running anecdote. Mainly, I'm too lazy to keep a diary, plus it lacks the organization and interaction this great interweb offers me.

Thanks, I'll be running by again soon.


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