Thursday, February 16, 2012

silence on the radio, ramblings in my brain

Nothing quite compares to that blissful moment when your child finally stops experimenting with how loud she can be before the windows break and just passes out for a nap.

I've been exhausted and I'm sure it's been affecting us both, as I think is clearly indicated in yesterday's post. I've lost my focus on running due to two weeks of my sinuses exploding on a regular basis and all but lost my motivation to work out at all. I need to get my groove back and I know it's a matter of doing, not talking blogging about doing.

My Valentine's spin class was great - the usual hills and intervals with some new beats to mix things up - and was a much a kick in the rear for myself as it was for my class. Granted, I could conserve some energy and maybe attempt multiple classes in a day, but should no other opportunity arise for me to instruct another group, I know I need to make my Tuesday nights count. This week's class really helped me get out of a funk and set the tone for the rest of this week's workouts.

Today was my usual 6-mile tempo run with hills and intervals. I never do an easy run indoors; it seems like cheating. Plus, with this trail race being just nine days away, I feel inclined to make every workout count until it's time to rest up for a couple days before the event.

Tomorrow it's weights or yoga following work. Training in a new restaurant is a lot like going back to being a fly on the wall, so I don't anticipate expending too much energy there. I was stiff from work on Wednesday because of how much standing around I did.

This weekend I HAVE to do 10 miles. It's purely mental. Like, if I can hit the trails and do 10 miles now I can do 13 in a week. I mean, who really tapers for a half-marathon, anyway? Right? That's something those "normal" people do.

What's your go-to workout to get out of a funk?

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