Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It's all love and games until somebody gets hurt...

I thought we had by-passed the terrible 2's.

I was wrong.

OOOOoooohhh.... was I wrong.

For one thing, can someone explain to me the superhuman strength a toddler suddenly gains while engaged in an all-out, blow-the-roof-off-and-get-the-cops-called-on-mommy temper-tantrum??

And what about those lungs? The kid can scream for longer than Steven Tyler.

And why, after a day full of her telling me to go away, not to help, leave her alone, begging to go to our neighbor's house, crying when it's time to go home with me, and chucking legos at my head, does she insist that Mommy, and ONLY Mommy, be the one to tuck her in, read her stories, and sing her to sleep?

What kind of twisted mind game is this whole raising a toddler thing, anyway?

It's totally illogical, but my kid hurts my feelings. Then I get frustrated and raise my voice when she doesn't listen. Then I yell. Then there's time out and screaming. Then we hug and it's my turn to cry. Nothing is more rewarding than being my girl's mother, and nothing has ever felt this hard or hurt this much, either.

I just pray that with every whimper, every wail, that it doesn't somehow signify that I'm failing as a parent.

Help a Mama out. Tell me I don't suck. Tell me I'm not alone!

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