Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"Get Back!" Tuesday Night Spin

These past few weeks have brought some major developments. Having my birthday fall at the end of January makes the new year hold a special significance because if there's any time to embrace organized chaos change, it's when you enter into the next year of your life. So far, I have already earned new personal training credentials, gained employment with a new restaurant, and am now getting ready to enroll our daughter in preschool.

And it's only February. I am on a roll and I am not going to let anything slow me down. Not even this bitch of a head cold. So tonight's playlist is for the Mamas out there taking charge of their lives and taking over the world.

I wanted to make my playlist a little more viewer-friendly, hence the new format. You'll notice I do still cycle through some of the same songs, but I'll often mix and match songs from different playlists to suit my mood. There isn't much new on here today, just different. And different is fun and fun is good. So says Dr. Seuss. And maybe Ludacris?

"Get Back" 2/7/12

"Good Feeling" Flo Rida

Warm up on a flat road. After the first minute alternate pedaling with just the left leg for 30s then just the right. Even out to pedal with both legs, focusing on only pushing for 30s then just pulling. Even out and pedal smoothly and evenly for the last minute.

"The Power is On" The Go! Team

Add a gear and pedal quickly on the beat. Position 1 for one minute, position 2 for the second, position 3 (add a gear) for the third.

"Know Your Enemy" Green Day
Jumps- starting on an 8-count then speeding it up to 4-count half-way through.

"Praise You" Fatboy Slim
Take it back to a flat road. Set your pace to the beat (should feel easy). After a minute add a gear and keep the pace. Gradual turn up the dial until you reach the point where it feels really hard to stay on the beat and then hold it there for a full minute. Your legs should ache! Dial it back down to a flat road and recover for a minute then repeat.

"Get Back" Ludacris

Attacks on a hill- start by adding two gears from your flat road (light resistance). Add two more and pick up the pace for the chorus in position 3. Take off ONE gear to sit, add two more for the 2nd chorus, so that each time you stand up it's a little steeper than before. But don't slow down! Try to keep an aggressive pace throughout each push.

"Pumped Up Kicks" Foster the PeopleWherever your resistance was from the previous song, leave it there so long as you can sit and pedal smoothly (if not, dial it back until you can pedal against heavy resistance without getting choppy). Grind it out and crest this monster of a hill.

"Sandstorm" Darude
Take it back to a flat road and recover for one minute. Instead of the usual sprints I do for this song, today we're going to "free-style" it. When the music picks up it's the rider's choice to either 1) sprint, 2) add resistance, or 3) BOTH! The idea is that regardless of whatever you choose to do, you are going to work up to your Heart Rate Max for two intervals.

(220 - your age = your HR Max. This is an approximate formula. If you don't use a monitor, just work at your hardest effort without hyperventilating or throwing up.)

"Lonely Boy" The Black Keys
Recovery runs. Add 2 gears and "jog" in position 2 for the verse, take it off and flush out those legs at a quick (not sprint) pace for the chorus.

"You And I" Lady Gaga
One last big hill. Start at medium resistance and add a gear with each minute until it's heavy enough to need to stand. Then add a little more.

"Shake it Out" Florence and the Machine
Take two gears off from where you maxed out and stay in position 3. Take off one gear and gradually pick up the pace in position 1. Repeat, taking off a gear each time until back at light resistance.

"Walk" Foo FightersSprint intervals on the chorus in position 1. Flat road or light resistance for control and/or extra challenge. This is the last song so make it count and maximize this high-intensity workout with one last solid push!

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