Monday, February 13, 2012

"I'm flying! I'm not an ostrich! I'm not an ostrich!"

I think... I'm pretty sure... *knock on wood*... we're all better here. I say this with trepidation because when I thought I was getting over my cold earlier this week, my congestion returned with a vengeance for one more round snorting, dripping, and not being able to taste my food.

Then, Saturday rolled around and we got out to participate in the Virtual Run for Sherry. I have to say that if not for the purpose of the run, we would have all retreated to the comforts of indoors. Running in Sherry's memory pushed us to get out there despite the wind chill and a cranky, constipated toddler. Even if the goosebumps never went away, it was sunny and bright and we felt lucky to be out there together, running for Sherry and anyone else who might not be able to.

We wound up running pretty well, and the cold air felt great on my face. Afterwards we went to our favorite Mexican brunch/lunch joint to undo the run refuel and perhaps enjoy a pre-siesta margarita. Little Miss was being her normal, goofball self and we felt pretty good ourselves, for a change, so I figured that we were finally in the clear from whatever funk had intruded our lives this week.

Not so fast.

After a glorious 3-hour nap, we woke up refreshed but the Little Miss... not so much. She had started to burn up and *kindly requested to remain on my hip at all times for the rest of the evening. All she wanted for the rest of the night was her "tea" (milk warmed up with a bag of decaf tea and some honey), so we hydrated her, drugged her, and put her to bed with our fingers crossed that we weren't in for another round of grossness.

First thing the next morning, she asked for juice, which I of course gave her (diluted) and she proceeded to throw it all back up all over herself and me. Yum. After cleaning up we spent the rest of the day lounging on the sofa, which as wonderful as that sounds, is actually quite challenging when your toddler *kindly requests that you not leave her side for anything. Not to get a cup of water or coffee. Not to go pee. Not to stretch before your lower back cramps and refuses to let you stand upright ever again.

(*kicking, screaming, slapping, hyperventilating, purple in the face, sobbing, begging kind of requests.)

There were perks, though, I won't lie. We watched "Rio" like 8 times, most of "Shrek Ever After" (not my favorite of the series) and "Megamind." CGI animation to the rescue!

Cheese and sprinkles.

Today is a new day. We are, as of this moment, puke and goop-free, just in time for our first official "interview" with the Montessori school we want her to go to. I appreciate that we get to go without having to appear to be diseased.

All joking aside, I really am grateful for our good health and fortune. Just when it started to look like we'd need to take our daughter to urgent care yesterday, she started to turn around and perk back up. Disney movies helped, but she is also a strong kid and for that we are incredibly lucky.

How was your weekend?

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