Monday, June 6, 2011

Things I've been doing while not blogging...

*Making 5-minute attempts to catch up on everyone else's blogs, especially this amazing woman's. You should give it a read. I suggest starting HERE and reading the next few posts that follow. In a funk? Not sure you want to work out? Let this blog cure you of your don't-wanna-go's.

*Making feeble attempts to keep up with my own running between work, spin classes, and playing house. I've got this 10K on July 4th to focus on/worry about. I can run 6 miles in my sleep, but I want - or wanted - to work on my speed and, well, I just don't know if that 45-minute mark is so feasible. Of course, there's the whole crowd thing, too. I've NEVER run around this many people before. Over 50,000 last year. Multiple, multiple start waves. Maybe I can consider it preparation for if I ever want to run Chicago or Boston.

*Work. I mentioned work, right? Still 5 shifts most weeks, which is great and all (especially in "today's economy"... aren't you sick of people saying that?), except for those pesky double shifts that occupy an entire Saturday yet for some reason, are so slow I'm barely waiting on one table an hour. And because it's so hot out, no one really wants to eat anyway, so they're all splitting salads and sharing lemonades. Ugh. The best part is before noon, when I see people running and cycling by before downtown traffic gets heavy. It's like they're going by on purpose, just to rub it in that they're out there, feeling the breeze (even if it IS an 85-degree breeze) and breaking a sweat, whereas my perspiration only comes from having a white oxford shirt buttoned up to my neck.

*Spinning. Each week is different, but I think I'm getting some regulars. Still working on getting people to respond to my attempts to light a fire under their asses to push a little harder and sweat a little more, but a few of those wheels start spinning a little faster when I get loud. I'm just trying to find that line between motivation and annoyance and make sure I don't cross it while also making sure that people are really getting a workout. I'm not gonna lie, it's a little disheartening when I look up and see people pushing at the same cadence for 50 minutes, without so much as a flicker of determination in their faces. I'll be attending an indoor cycling training seminar this months, which I hope will provide me with some new motivation tactics in addition to new exercises and training tools.

*Watching the toddler grow. 2 months until 2. TWO. Running, climbing, jumping in the pool with floaties on, starting to play pretend, obsessed with Curious George and Little Einsteins, highly opinionated; all things that I find absolutely adorable and awe-inspiring, as I watch this little person blossom before my eyes, yet all things that remind me all too clearly just how fast those baby days go by.

*Bargaining with the Hubs about a #2. Not now, not a year from now. Maybe 2 years from now, when big sister is off to preschool and hardly in need of all the attention and affections I'm still itching to bestow upon her. I'm just waiting for her dad to be on the same page. He's convinced we don't need another, and even more certain he doesn't want one more. I'm just gonna sit tight and wait for him to change his mind. I have a feeling it will be the first time he tries to move in for a hug, and she squirms away, rolling her eyes, saying, "Puhleeze, Dad. I'm pah-laying. Go. Away." Maybe then.

For now, I'm sure he doesn't need to worry about me springing another one on him. If I can't even find the time to chronicle my semi-interesting thoughts on a regular basis, I know I'm not ready to juggle multiple children on top of everything else.

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