Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Burgers, boogers and bikes.

Where I work is kinda pricy. It's downtown Atlanta and - big shocker - we make our food in house. Said priciness is noted on a menu posted outside our front door. So when people come in and are all confused by the tiny numbers next to each menu *item, I can tell that things are off to a **fantastic start.

*If I were as obnoxious and blunt as some of the people I have the pleasure of waiting on can be, the conversation would go something like this:
"What are all these numbers? Why do some things have 2 different numbers??"
"Those are our prices. Some items have a different price for the beef and the bison."
"Oh. I thought they were something else."
"Like what? What else could a number next to a menu item mean?" 
"Well, that means this burger is FIFTEEN dollars???"
"Dorothy, you're not in McDonald's anymore."

**Sarcasm. By "fantastic start," I mean, "guaranteed 5% tip."

Colds suck. Especially seeing your little all gooped up and not able to breathe. Kids are resilient, though, and somehow bounce back a million times faster than their sissy parents. Case in point: Me. She's having me chase her down at Trader Joe's to keep her from knocking over cases of wine with her mini shopping cart, and I'm sore from head to toe because this cold has caused my workouts to take a greater toll on me. Not the best week to try to increase the frequency of my resistance and core workouts. It still hurts to laugh or cough. She's still singing along to Curious George, and I'm slouching on the sofa because it feels like I've been punched in the face.

Bikes (and feet, and cardio studios)
I powered through the cold because I still felt OK enough to get in some decent workouts. I'm really working on stepping up my game to increase strength and speed, but I need to get back to taking other instructors' classes as much as I'm in the gym teaching my own. This was a point the person instructing a seminar I attended made; something I'd forgotten about since jumping up to the front of the room to become the leader. I think back to Lisl and Nicole, two powerfully inspirational and influential women at the gym I belonged to in South Carolina, and how much I looked to them to find my own drive to dig deeper and push harder. I also thought about how exciting it was when they'd tag-team-teach, or show up to take each other's classes. While I'm looking for ways to keep people coming to my class, I need to go to the other classes they may be attending and work out with them, too. Also, I forgot how nice it is to not have to think about anything and to let someone ELSE do all the talking!

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