Thursday, February 17, 2011

born freeeeeeeeeeeee

I took a little vay-cay from the jogger for the past couple months because I was just tired of pushing the damn thing. Also, my increasingly outspoken child went through a fun little phase where I couldn't pass anything that resembled a playground or swing set without screaming at me to stop, thus adding half an hour to an hour to our route during an already crunched time slot. Plus, gym daycare = interaction with other kiddies = sleepy toddler.

Well, spring starts in February in Georgia (gotta love that) and Atlanta was MADE for running. Sure, it's hilly, but there are so many parks, and sidewalks everywhere, and it's so beautiful and full of trees (there are laws to keep it that way, another cool thing about this city). I had to dust off the jogger after a short winter in the garage and make my child sit still for a little while so mommy could run, with the reward being - of course - the Mecca of toddler playgrounds.

There is just nothing better than setting out, leaving the watch and GPS at home, and enjoying an unusually warm and sunny day with my Mini-Me.

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Emz said...

Leave it to Evolv Rose

to get a smile outta me.

YAY for parks, kids who still want to be with you. ;) and no watch.