Wednesday, February 9, 2011

let's take a ride to the Motivation Station

Indoor cycling and group aerobics, from the instructor's standpoint, is kind of a mix between personal training and coaching. You've gotta know what you're doing to help clients achieve their fitness goals but in the larger group setting, you have to keep everyone going. It's never easy when you're leading a class and they start dropping like flies.

This didn't exactly happen to me, but going into this Tuesday evening class I can't help but feel I've got a little bit of an uphill battle ahead of me. The time slot I'm filling has gone without a regular teacher for months, I'm told, so attendance is already kind of low. So when a few people leave before class is over, I feel like I'm already doing something wrong. Add to that the fact that I'm new and things are, well... awkward.

I'm goofy. I like to hoot and holler. I like to push and grunt (dirty, I know). I've been to loud, crazy spin classes where the instructor yells, "GO!" and everyone jumps out of the saddle to get on a standing run and cheers! The classes I've taught so far have been reserved to the point that one would think we'd just arrived from a funeral.

Also, it's a Tuesday night. Not even half-way through the week. People generally don't enjoy Tuesdays.

So I need a little help.

What tools do you use to motivate others?

What have others said/done to really help push you?

Any cheesy song suggestions to get my class to crack a few smiles?


Emz said...

I have this spin instructor.


[secret] this is where I got the "Iv'e freaking got this" line.

I [no joke] record her on my iPhone. She's that awesome. Just great one liners.

"You are the one who turned up"
"you want to give me 1/2 ass effort - you'll get 1/2 ass results"
"You want to finish strong or are you going to let them pass you?"

I'm sure this is lame to others but she freaking rocks. I need visuals. I need someone telling me there is a hill and I've freaking got it.

ok sorry this is long.

misszippy said...

I love a loud spin instructor! Pour it on and they will respond.