Sunday, March 29, 2009

Yeah, so about this blogging thing

It has been pointed out to me that I haven't really been keeping up with my end of the bargain, that is, that I would post something for you to read. Of course, to have continued to post through the craziness that is my life (I mean really, there were episodes of "Leverage" and "Burn Notice" that HAD to be watched, can you blame me?) would mean I had to have assumed I even had this reader. Obviously, I was unaware until recently.

So if you've been curious (lord knows why you would be), here's a synapses of all the changes you've been missing:

  • I used to hit "snooze" 3 times, exactly. Now, it's more like 7.

  • If you looked in my kitchen, you'd think I was already raising a preschooler. We're talking Golden Grahams, Corn Pops, Pop-tarts, Jello pudding, graham crackers...

  • Running is... well, something I think upon fondly and miss dearly. Truth is, the elliptical and bike are my friends until I buy something to support my expanding belly.

  • When I used to have extreme difficulty completing a task, I'd get really mad and curse and possibly throw something (not breakable, and not at anything that would break). Now, I get really really mad, curse a lot, and probably should not be in the vicinity of a hammer.

  • I cannot, for the life of me, decide between a bassinet or a pack n' play, let alone discern the functional difference between either, yet my Babies' R Us registry helper-thingy insists I register both. Which means I better start inviting my ridiculously rich and famous friends to the shower.

  • I used to cry for painfully sappy chick flicks. I now cry for action films, comedies, fantasy, daytime TLC shows, and ASPCA commercials (for the love of god WHY do they have to play Sarah McGlachlin??)

I will try to be better updating this thing in the future, dear reader. Notice how that wasn't plural. I'm all about the humble.

Oh, and one more change:

Yeah, she's gonna be a bigg'un.

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