Friday, September 16, 2011

How not to defend yourself with your face.

Once again:

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I have a loooooooong (+ a few more "o"s) way to go to reach my fundraising goal. Online and off, I have about $70 so far. Just $3670 to go! A little goes a long way and is greatly appreciated, but if anyone out there in the blogosphere has suggestions for generating more revenue through donations, please feel free to share! I'd love to ask Mr. Turner, but I'm pretty sure he only donates to his own fundraising organizations. I could be all like, "Really? I'm sure Captain Planet would like to rid the world of Crohn's and Colitis!" and he'd just look at me cross-eyed.

In other news:

Signed up for a free week at a martial arts gym, getting a crash course in Muay Thai in an effort to toughen up after an incident last month in Greenville. The Hubs and I were downtown on a very quiet Tuesday evening, enjoying a couple anniversary beverages together. The key detail to note here is that we had 2 drinks each. So, NOT drunk. We hung out for a while at a bar owned by a former colleague of his, talking about work, life and the company he used to work for. No big deal. We left just before midnight and the streets were dead quiet except for a few kids walking toward us. We passed each other going in opposite directions but after pausing for a few beats, the kids turned around and started following us.

Hubby and I exchange glances as if to say Great, what are they gonna bug us for?

We cross quickly to the other side and they soon follow suit, calling after us, "Hey, man, got a cig? Got a smoke? HEY? You hear me??"

One guy positions himself in front of my husband, the other, in front of me. Their waify, presumably high or cracked out female friend just stood over to the side. Next thing you know I hear "Give me your fucking purse," as I take a blow to the face.

Ow! I think. Then, He's not punching right. Still, I don't have the presence of mind to hit back. Only to continue to duck my head and keep stepping back and spinning away. Nevermind that I only have $5 in cash on me, I had pictures of my baby on my phone and I was stupidly guarding my purse instead of just handing it over. Hubby was easily fighting off the retard attacking him (he is 6'4", mind you) and quickly ran over to me and threw my attacker to the ground. The first guy then started to run at me and quicker than I realize, I had my cash out of my purse, in my hand, and was throwing it at him. They took it and ran.

They got away with five bucks, bruises and a bad limp. I got away with a bruised face and neck. Apparently, at some point the guy had his arm around my neck. I don't remember this, and am even more pissed that I couldn't properly defend myself. At least I can take a hit ... the punk actually seemed surprised I didn't go down.

The moral of this story: trust your gut. I know we want to be all politically correct and non-assuming or some bullshit, but seriously, if it seems like a group of kids is up to no good, they probably aren't. The mistake we made was thinking, they're just kids, they're not gonna mess with us. I should know better; I've met 9-yr-olds bigger than me so a wanna-be thug teenager would definitely look at me and think he had a clear advantage.

Hense, Muay Thai classes.

Check out this chick, Gina Carano. Next time some asshole takes a swing at me, I want to be able to duck and come up with an uppercut to the jaw.


Kate said...

I hate that that happened to you guys and think it's awesome you are taking Muay Thai, but may I also recommend getting a thing of pepper spray? I don't know the laws in Georgia, but most running stores here sell little canisters of it. I've never had to use mine, but I like having it just in case.

Evolv Rose said...

Already got one- it dyes the attacker's face blue!